Toddlers (One to Two Years)*



Investigating the world around you is what it is all about when you are a toddler. It takes special, high energy, loving caregivers to keep up with toddlers.


At The Learning Experience® our energetic, caring teachers encourage and gently guide each toddler through exploration and discovery.


Your toddler’s day will be filled with a plethora of activities, music, movement, fitness, toys and equipment that encourage exploration and discovery.


Our age appropriate outdoor playground offers plenty of opportunities for running, jumping and climbing. Soothing music and gentle backrubs during naptime give just the right repose for sleeping.

*Ages may vary according to state regulations






What toddler wouldn’t want to spend
their days in TLE’s toddler center?








  • Toddler Area
  • Practices & Procedures
  • Daily Schedules
  • Lunch Program


Toddlers are striving for independence and have reached a child's first real milestone. They have grown into the mobile stage and are walking and exploring their fascinating environment.


Their curiosity is endless! The Toddler's natural inquisitiveness is encouraged and nurtured. TLE’s Toddler staff strives to ensure a safe, secure, and loving environment.


Since Toddlers learn through play and exploration, we give them the space, age appropriate materials and stimulation they need to help quench their thirst for exploration.


Toddler rooms are designed to be self-contained, with a diaper changing station and a completely separate refrigerator and food preparation area.


There are plenty of toys, equipment, art supplies, blocks and books. There is always lots of love given to all by our Toddler staff.











Our weekly curriculum, called Little Learners™, gives our Toddlers valuable experiences to help them develop and learn.


At this stage, we focus on eye hand coordination, motor development and problem solving.


At this stage children grow and develop very quickly. When we believe it is time for a child to move up to the next class, we send a letter home and include the parents as active participants in this decision.


With the parent’s approval the toddler is transitioned gradually and with great sensitivity over a two week period. This way we can prevent any trauma or insecurities for the parent or the toddler.















A typical day in the life of a TLE Toddler abounds with stimulating, age appropriate activities and materials. Our own Little Learners™ curriculum is written for our Toddler staff by the Curriculum Department at our Corporate Headquarters and is distributed to each center monthly.



Daily communication reports, called Toddler Times, are ready at the end of the day for busy parents to pick-up. These easy to read reports reflect everything that goes on during the child's day at TLE.






The Learning Experience® (TLE) serves both morning and afternoon snacks that are nutritious and "child friendly". Snacks are prepared in a licensed and approved on site kitchen facility.


When lunch is provided, it is prepared by a licensed cook from menus approved by a registered dietician.


TLE is sensitive to dietary needs of our multi-cultural society. Parents are asked to indicate upon enrollment if there are any food restrictions and or food allergies that apply to their children. The center complies with all local health ordinances, inspections and state recommended guidelines regarding children's nutrition.


A cook is hired to prepare lunch when the center's enrollment has reached 75 children eating table food. New centers may not offer lunch programs upon opening. In that case, parents send in home-made lunches. Refrigeration is provided if needed.